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In 1952, the world’s first rubber thongs “Beach Walk” were created by NAIGAI RUBBER INDUSTRYΒ in Japan. These thongs were designed by Ray Pastine, an industrial designer in the U.S., and created by NAIGAI’s closed pore rubber sponge technology. Blue-dia originates from Beach Walk.

Japanese traditional footwear with a fabric strap (geta, zori) was generally a pair its right and left shapes were the same. On the other hand, rubber thongs had a shape that followed the sole-print of each side of the feet. Foot comfort was prioritised during the design process by creating tapered soles where the heels were about 2 mm higher than the toe.

In 1953, NAIGAI RUBBER INDUSTRY started exporting Beach Walk to the U.S.A. Beach Walk created a boom in Hawaii that 100,000 pairs of them were sold in a month.

In 1955, “Blue-dia” were created and released, which are improved rubber thongs tailored for Japanese market.

Continuous improvements have been implemented for the materials but the basic manufacturing method and design of Blue-dia has not been changed since it was created. Today, Blue-dia is well perceived in the Japanese market as the standard rubber thongs.

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Blue-dia Australia

Thongs, Flip Flops, Jandals, Beach Sandals...πŸ‘£
Blue-dia is the world's first rubber THONGS ever made since 1955 (born in Japan). You can mix and match 10 different colours of soles & straps (they are both made from natural rubber) - you have a choice of 100 combination!
γ€€'Thongs' are sandals that can be worn to the beach and lots of other places. Thongs are uniquely Australian slang. In America, thongs refer to a piece of underwear.

Learn more Aussie beach slang here: ab.co/2HEwPxc

πŸ“·: ABC Open/lensbylens

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