About Blue-dia Rubber Thongs

About Blue-dia Rubber Thongs

Blue-dia is Japanese rubber thong developed in 1955 by NAIGAI RUBBER INDUSTRY. It is made from a quality rubber technology which has been urtilised in the automobile industry over many years.

Blue-dia colour variations
Blue-dia colour variations

In 1952, the world's first industrialised rubber thongs "Beach Walk" were created. These thongs were designed by Ray Pastine, an industrial designer in the U.S., and created by NAIGAI's closed pore sponge technology.

Blue-dia designer Ray Pastin and engineer Ikuta

Blue-dia originates from "Beach Walk". Blue-dia is the world's first Japanese rubber thongs.

Blue-dia colour variations

The manufacturing method and design of Blue-dia were well established in the early production stage and it has not been changed.

  •    Simple and sophisticated design
  •    Extensive colour valuations
  •    Great foot comfort
  •    Very durable

Blue-dia is well known as standard rubber thongs in Japan.

Blue-dia forest colour

Where to buy Blue-dia?

Promotions are currently held at the local markets in QLD. At the market, we create custom thongs at the spot.

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